Freezer High Speed Door

Freezer cold Room High Speed Door is a type of rapid roll-up door specifically for freezing cold rooms (-20ºC) due to the great insulation capacity of the canvas.

Its installation is ideal to combine with a refrigerating door inside cold rooms in any industrial sector: food, meat, fish, services, logistics...

Thanks to the No Frost System, it has a great heating resistance in guides, covers and motor.

Features: Freezer High Speed Door

Basic data

Freezer cold Room High Speed Door is a type of rapid roll-up door specifically for freezing cold rooms(-20ºC) due to the great insulation capacity of the canvas.

Design and finishes

Colors: Blue

Finishes: Special thicker Infraca canvas, configured for a high degree of insulation. No viewing window

Technical details

Estructure: Heated anodized aluminum guides.

Weight and measurements

Clear opening height: Max. 5,5m

Clear opening length: Max. 3,5m

Advantages and benefits

Minimal loss of cold when opening cold room door.

Reduces chambers’ electricity use.

No icing of essential components or of passageway.

Suitable for freezing chambers (temperature down to -25 ºC), with a maximum temperature difference of 30 ºC (inside/outside) and relative humidity below 40%.

Saves energy.

Saves costs.

Reliability of operation.

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