Industrial cold room doors

Cool room doors are an essential component in the operation of cold storage rooms as they provide a crucial access point. At Infraca, we offer advanced solutions that help maintain energy efficiency, prevent condensation and ice formation, and are adaptable to a wide range of cold storage rooms, from the smallest ones to large industrial facilities, as well as ultra-freezing chambers and freezing tunnels.

  • Sliding

    Cold room sliding doors are a type of door designed to maintain a low and consistent temperature inside cold storage rooms. These sliding doors are characterized by their horizontal or vertical opening and are ideal for wide or large access points that require the movement of machinery and people.

  • Hinged

    Cold room hinged door doors are swing doors that provide easy opening and closing, ensuring temperature preservation inside the chamber. At Infraca, we offer high-quality pivot refrigerated doors for various applications, ensuring the preservation of temperature-sensitive products.

  • Fire-rated cold room doors

    Fire-rated cold room doors are designed to serve two main functions: maintaining a cold and controlled environment while also acting as a fire barrier to protect against the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.

  • Cold room high speed doors

    A coold room high-speed door is a type of high-speed door specifically designed for use in refrigerated or cold storage environments, such as food warehouses, cold storage facilities, and refrigerated chambers. These doors are designed to maintain cold temperatures and prevent cold loss by allowing quick and efficient access.

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