High speed doors

High speed doors are a type of automatic industrial door designed to streamline the flow of people, vehicles, or goods in high-traffic environments that require rapid opening and closing maneuvers. These doors are characterized by their rigid structure and their high-strength interwoven nylon fabric, which enables quick and horizontal opening.

Infraca's high speed doors offer maximum efficiency in the agri-food industry, thanks to their construction in anodized extruded aluminum and their hygienic design.

  • Reinforced high-speed doors

    Roll up high speed doors represent the classic model of high-speed doors that incorporate a reinforcement system. These doors are sturdier and are known for their robustness and durability. They are ideal for industrial or commercial environments that require strength and reliability.

  • Self repair

    Self-repairing high speed doors are a type of industrial high-speed door that features an automatic reinsertion system that realigns itself in case of impact. These high-speed doors are known for their ability to maintain efficient and safe operation in industrial or commercial environments, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Fold up

    Fold up high speed doors are fabric doors that neatly stack when opened. They are known for their robustness and high mechanical resistance, making them perfect for areas with strong air currents or pressure differentials. Their modular and durable design makes them an ideal choice for optimizing the flow of people and goods in any environment.

  • High-speed doors for cold rooms

    A refrigerated high speed door is a type of door designed specifically for use in refrigerated or cold storage environments, such as food warehouses, cold storage facilities, and refrigerated chambers. These doors are designed to maintain cold temperatures and prevent cold loss by allowing quick and efficient access.

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