Industrial doors

At Infraca we manufacture and develop doors for industry, taking into account the different types of environment, environments and uses.

We are specialists in doors for the agri-food sector. We design and develop our products so that they form part of the production and operational chains.

  • Cold Room Doors

    Cool room doors are an essential component in the operation of cold storage rooms as they provide a crucial access point. At Infraca, we offer advanced solutions that help maintain energy efficiency, prevent condensation and ice formation, and are adaptable to a wide range of cold storage rooms, from the smallest ones to large industrial facilities, as well as ultra-freezing chambers and freezing tunnels.

  • High Speed Doors

    High speed doors are a type of automatic industrial door designed to streamline the flow of people, vehicles, or goods in high-traffic environments that require rapid opening and closing maneuvers. These doors are characterized by their rigid structure and their high-strength interwoven nylon fabric, which enables quick and horizontal opening.

    Infraca's high speed doors offer maximum efficiency in the agri-food industry, thanks to their construction in anodized extruded aluminum and their hygienic design.

  • Service Doors

    Service doors are access solutions designed to separate different work areas. These doors offer much more than just dividing spaces; they are fundamental elements for optimizing operation and safety in a workplace.

    At Infraca, we make your door the right choice for a wide variety of environments and applications. Service doors are ideal for any type of food industry, supermarkets, hospitality, restaurants, logistics centers, offices, and more.

  • Fire rated Doors

    Fire doors are crucial for fire protection in industrial buildings as they are designed to resist the spread of fire.

    At Infraca, we offer fire doors that meet the highest safety standards, with a fire resistance rating of EI2 allowing them to withstand fire for 60-120 minutes, ensuring the safety of the environment during that time.

  • Logistics

    At Infraca, we offer a wide range of logistic solutions to cover various needs. Our sectional doors not only provide excellent protection but also feature a sturdy and reliable design that adapts to various industrial applications.

    Furthermore, our shelters and hydraulic platforms are versatile and can be adjusted to any environment, whether it's for loading and unloading goods or efficiently managing workflow. Across all our products, the constant is a guarantee of the highest quality to meet our customers' logistic needs.

  • Doors For Special Applications

    At Infraca, our wide range of door solutions is designed to meet all the specific needs of our customers. We understand that each environment and application has unique requirements, which is why we offer a variety of doors that precisely adapt to these particular demands.

    Whether it's specific doors for areas or chambers with special applications, doors with frames or openings for rail systems, or doors tailored for rooms with controlled atmospheres.

  • Clean room doors

    Cleanroom doors are used to divide areas into a "clean" and a "dirty" zone through "airlock" systems.

    At Infraca, these doors have minimized horizontal surfaces in line with the hygienic design according to ISO 14644-1 standards. Additionally, the doors have finishes specifically tailored for their intended use.

  • Accesories

    At Infraca we offer you all the necessary accessories for the perfect assembly of the door that will form part of your project. We guarantee the best quality as our products are manufactured with the optimum materials so that they aren’t only resistant and durable, also easy to install.