Industrial doors

At Infraca we manufacture and develop doors for industry, taking into account the different types of environment, environments and uses.

We are specialists in doors for the agri-food sector. We design and develop our products so that they form part of the production and operational chains.

  • Cold Room Doors

    Infraca cold room doors are highly resistant doors specifically designed for use in cold rooms for conservation (+0ºC), freezing (-20ºC) or freezing tunnels (-40ºC).

    Perfect for any type of commerce, store, supermarket, hotel and catering industry.

  • High Speed Doors

    Infraca High Speed Doors are perfect for areas with high traffic and the need for quick opening and closing manoeuvres. Thanks to the IF10VF control panel, it’s possible to configure the door as you need it.

    We adapt to any need you may have thanks to the wide range of customisation possibilities we offer.

  • Service Doors

    Infraca Service Doors are designed for any place with a positive atmosphere. Their main purpose is to separate spaces where traffic is intense. This type of doors are perfect for any type of food industry, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, logistic centres, offices...

  • Fire rated Doors

    It's essential that industrial buildings have fire doors, as they're responsible for retaining or preventing fire from spreading through the building.

    Infraca Fire Doors, thanks to the materials they are made of, have an EI2 fire resistance that allows them to withstand 60-120 minutes, guaranteeing the safety of the building during that time.

  • Logistics

    At Infraca we cover all the logistical needs that your company may require, from sectional doors with high heat protection, to shelters or hydraulic platforms that adapt to all types of environments, always guaranteeing the best quality.

  • Doors For Special Applications

    The doors for specific use are adapted to the different needs of each company. The controlled atmosphere chamber is perfect for the preservation and ripening of fruit and vegetables, while the combined system reduces the electrical consumption of the chamber by minimising the loss of cold.

  • Clean room doors

    Cleanroom doors are used to divide between a "clean" and "dirty" area by means of "sluice" systems.

    The doors have minimized horizontal surfaces following the hygienic design according to ISO 14644-1. In addition, their finish is specifically adapted for their intended use.

  • Accesories

    At Infraca we offer you all the necessary accessories for the perfect assembly of the door that will form part of your project. We guarantee the best quality as our products are manufactured with the optimum materials so that they aren’t only resistant and durable, also easy to install.