Industrial service doors

Service doors are access solutions designed to separate different work areas. These doors offer much more than just dividing spaces; they are fundamental elements for optimizing operation and safety in a workplace.

At Infraca, we make your door the right choice for a wide variety of environments and applications. Service doors are ideal for any type of food industry, supermarkets, hospitality, restaurants, logistics centers, offices, and more.

  • Sliding

    The Service Sliding Door is a door that separates different areas and warehouses at room temperature. It adapts to any dimension as it fits perfectly to the needs of each customer.

  • Flip-Flap

    The Flip-Flap Door is ideal for implementation in climate-controlled environments at room temperature. Thanks to its simple installation process and the use of our hinges, the swinging door ensures high durability and excellent impact resistance.

  • Hinged

    Service hinged doors are doors designed for pedestrian use in room temperature environments. Their design makes them an ideal choice in a wide variety of sectors, as they allow for efficient division of work or service areas, facilitating pedestrian circulation in a practical and functional manner.

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