Clean Room High Speed Door

The new Clean Room High Speed Door is a high-speed door primarily for dividing work or service areas, especially between a "clean" and "dirty" area by means of " airlock" systems.

The door has minimised horizontal surfaces that follow the hygienic design according to ISO 14644-1. It also has a Class 3 wind resistance system with automatic reinsertion of the tarpaulin in the event of an impact.

It has a touchless opening system, security with IP68 crossed photocell barrier and and IF10VF Infraca control panel with frequency inverter hidden under the motor cover as standard.

Features: Clean Room High Speed Door

Basic data

The new Clean Room High Speed Door is a high-speed door primarily for dividing work or service areas, especially between a "clean" and "dirty" area by means of " airlock" systems.

Design and finishes

Colors: Blanco

Finishes: PVC canvas with high resistance interwoven nylon, weight 950g/m2, with transparent window 400 x 1200mm.

Technical details

Estructure: White lacquered extruded aluminum lintel and guides

Automatism: Standard motor: 3x230 VAC+PE, 05 hp, 160 rpm, IP54 Average opening speed DE 1.5 m/s. Low noise gears. Infraca IF10VF control panel with hidden frequency inverter and touchless external control panel.

Weight and measurements

Clear opening height: Max. 3,5m

Clear opening length: Max. 4m

Advantages and benefits

Hygienic design according to EN ISO 14644-1 standard.

UNE-EN 13241-1 certification with class 3 wind resistance.

Concealed attachment to ground.

Doors are supplied pre-installed and with all screws and fastening hardware.

Easy programming and low maintenance.

Possibility of locking system with control unit for several doors and touchtless activation options.

Safety and security of operation.

Saves time and costs.

Easy and very fast installation.

New touchless drive as standard for maximum hygiene.

Hidden frame optimising the cleanability.

Elements optimised for use in clean rooms.

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