Overhead Rail Systems

In Infraca we develop our doors so that they can be adapted to industries with rail systems, making the holes for the overhead passages in a minimized way to avoid energy losses.

The doors can be manufactured with normal or swan cut, even with large dimensions.

Doors with normal cut are mainly used in the meat industry, slaughterhouses, cutting plants, dryers and in general in any installation equipped with a rail system. In the track passage area, the passage of air is prevented with flexible PVC louvers.

The swan neck is generally used when an overhead passage with a greater height is required.

Features: Overhead Rail Systems

Design and finishes

Finishes: Possibility of a normal cutout and "french" cutout

Advantages and benefits

Enables working with overhead rails / tracks, minimizing energy loss.

Option of normal cutout and “French” cutout, even in large dimensions doors.

Significant cost savings.

Complete flexibility and adaptability to new project and existing installation.

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Infraca has more than 40 years of experience offering its services around the world.
Adaptability in each Project
Our team of professionals will advise and accompany you at all times to suit your needs. Our doors are made to measure and we offer a wide range of customisation services.
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At Infraca we strive to make the installation of the door as clear, simple and safe as possible. That's why our doors are lightweight and versatile.
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Infraca doors are made with the best materials on the market, ensuring that the door performs over time as effectively as it did on the first day of installation.
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